About Us

At Patilerce, our mission is simple: we're here to help animals in need. Whether they're stray animals without a home or pets that people can't care for anymore, we want to find them loving new homes instead of letting them roam the streets.

We're all about promoting responsible pet ownership and making sure animals are cared for properly. That's why we don't support selling cats or dogs for money on our platform. We're not a place for transactions; we're a community of animal lovers who want to do what's right.

Our goal is to connect people who love animals and make a positive impact on these furry little beings' lives. Together, we can reduce the number of animals suffering on the streets and increase the number of happy animals in loving homes.

Join us in this mission to give every animal a chance for a happy ending. Thank you for being part of the Patilerce family, where every tail has a story, and every story deserves a happy ending.